• 30GB Mailbox
  • Your Domain Name
  • Cancel Anytime


  • 30GB Mailbox
  • Business Friendly Features
  • Monthly Billing


  • 30GB Mailbox
  • Business Class Groupware
  • Yearly Billing


Any Device... Any Time

ElastiMAIL rich and zero footprint software is friendly with all major browsers and operating systems. Easy and consistent Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides streamlined user experience for any user novice or expert and everyone in between

Mobile Friendly

Wireless and secured "over the air" synchronization is available for Apple, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices. Instant push emails and calendar updates can help you stay organized and on top of daily communications, tasks and projects.

Smart Mailbox

With fast and powerful search, conversation view, rules and filters, ElastiMAIL provides sophisticated but easy way to manage any size mailbox - large or small. Be more productive by sharing a folder(s) with team member or a group and collaborate efficiently

Comprehensive Calendaring

Whether you manage a single or multiple calendars within the organization, ElastiMAIL calendaring makes it a breeze. Easy, clean and effortless layout with strong groupware features such as calendar sharing, subscription, delegation, real-time availability check, event confirmation are only few features that show what's real groupware calendaring is all about.

Fast and efficient

Be more productive with ElastiMAIL! Built-in efficient processes for email, calendar and tasks management, allows you to quickly view, reply, file or schedule email for a later time. Create calendar appointments, contacts or follow up reminders while you are reviewing or replying to a message with no effort and without Outlook



ElastiMAIL (email-as-service) is a great solution for companies with limited IT budgets. In professional terms, we help you shift IT costs from infrastructure and licensing upfront capital expense (CAPEX) in to predictable monthly operating expense (OPEX) by paying a low monthly fee per mailbox. We will worry about servers, licences, updates, backups, power outages, etc..


ElastiMAIL being a cloud-based solution can be accessed from anywhere. Whether you are on the mobile device, email software client like outlook or accessing via internet browser - your ElastiMAIL mailbox comes with you. You always have access to same emails, calendars and contacts anytime from anywhere.


How often do you find yourself working on the project or case with team member(s) and they would like to see all of the emails from that specific client? How do you manage a company-wide calendar? You may be going on vacation and would like someone else to handle your emails in the meantime? Or you may have a quick question to your peer that needs clarification. This list of questions can go on and on. ElastiMAIL can help you addressing all of these issues and concerns quickly and securely. With few clicks delegate access to your work email, share a folder, contact list or calendar and boost productivity even when you are not working

Unify & Simplify

Use any device, anytime, anywhere and see same emails, calendars, contacts, tasks and files anytime & every time. We can help you create nomadicity and take the headache and concerns away